Tarjihaat is an initiative by World Urdu Research and Publication Centre, which provides a platform for the plethora of varied voices in this world, echoing from different communities and countries. The purpose of this magazine is to promote creative and literary writing in Urdu, and thus connecting the world through this beautiful language. This multifaceted approach attempts to pass on the torch of knowledge and creativity across spatial and temporal boundaries. Hence, highlighting the significance of language and literature in the modern contemporary world.

Editor in Chief   (Honorary)

  • This is a peer reviewed Urdu research journal.
  • Special corner will be dedicated to “Diaspora” literature.
  • Hence, connecting the world through the power of literature.
  • Focus will be on the “New Generation”.
  • The aim of the journal is to provide the youth with a platform where their voices can be heard.
  • There will a section dedicated to Creative writing.
  • Book review section for the new books.


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